An E Commerce portal is about integration of business processes to a website. These are platforms for online transactions. At Quail Technology we develop powerful E Commerce platforms for diverse industries.

E Commerce Solutions

Since we emphasis to maximize your profit, our e commerce solutions are based on the latest trends in the market. We know, to convert the traffic to actual customers, only a stunning website may not suffice. It is the reason; we give extensive importance in making the online platform strong enough. E commerce platforms should be fast and light. It is accessed by millions at a time, at the same time; it is loaded with innumerable product IDs and SKUs. In fact, it is a virtual outlet with many processes going on parallel in its backend.

With extensive experience in developing powerful e commerce websites, we have been a reputed developer for many clients. We integrate the portal to be complete with interactive visuals, strong core, automated processing and wide flexibility. In addition, we work for online marketing and optimization of the website. This is to provide a complete solution for your business.

We Develop E Commerce portals with number of features:

• Flexibility, Easy Maintenance and Extensive Security

• Developed for conversion of traffic

• SEO friendly design and customization

• Supports maintenance without any trouble

• High Quality user interface and excellent design

• Can handle and process maximum visitors parallel.

eCommerce Development

Providing E commerce solutions is one of our primary services. We have numerous successful clients who use portals developed by us. Our dedicated team of developers for e commerce has years of resourceful experience in platforms such as Magento, Shopify, oscommerce and others. We addition to developing complete portals we also provide extensive e commerce solutions for:

Customization of Shopping Cart

We customize the Shopping cart with best features. We also integrate on demand features in the cart. We develop to provide a soothing shopping experience to customers.

ERP & Other Backend Integration:

A shopping portal is not just a website. It is an application that automates the process of shopping. This is made possible with integration of a number of features that helps in specific tasks and management.

Developing Product Catalog:

We develop catalogs for products, which are easy to upload and work with. We ensure complete automation of product cycles right from vendors to delivery through our development.

Integration with Third Party Software:

We provide customization service for shopping portals integrating them with third party software and applications. These applications can simplify a number of backend operations and integrate the portal with extra features.
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