Deliver Excellent Restaurant Service

To deliver quality service to customers in Restaurants, an efficient management of staff and inventories as well as stringent accountability is necessary. Check out our single stop solution for restaurant management and chains of outlets.

Restaurant Management Software

Quail Technology provides extensive Restaurant Management Software Solutions. This software allows swift management of restaurants. The product will help restaurant owners to manage and monitor different aspects of the business. It is a single window solution for managing orders, maintaining recipes, maintaining visitor logs and accounts, employee attendance and many more. This powerful software is easy to run and use. This helps in excellent supervision of the business and ensures swift running of all operations of your restaurant. It can be customized to be used for chains of outlets and monitor business activities in them.

Some aspects of our Restaurant Software, which will boost your service, are:

  • It is simple and easy to use. It has minimal user interface graphics that is easily understood with layman knowledge.
  • It provides excellent data management.
  • Separate employee logins.
  • It can record customer orders efficiently.
  • It supports multiple platforms.
  • No requirement of Installations. Can be accessed via any internet browser.

Modules Included in our Restaurant Management Software are with extensive facilities for data and record management. Some of the features are as follows:

  1. Order Management: Features new orders with types. Here, reports can be generated customer wise.
  2. Employee Management: In this module, records of new employees can be created. Employee history can be added and accessed. New schedules for employees can be created.
  3. Vendor & Inventory Management: In this section new purchase orders with vendor details can be recorded. Individual items with details can be added in this section.
  4. Tax Management: Extensive features for tax management are included in this section. Status of Cheques can be reported and viewed in this section.
  5. Menu Management: Here new Menu with categories can be created and accessed.
  6. Table Management: Records for new tables can be added and viewed in this section.
  7. Others: This is a miscellaneous section where new admin user profiles can be created. Customer profiles can be created in this section. It has the company profile, Vacation Report and Gift Pack features.
  8. Our Restaurant Management Software is with separate login features for employees. The dashboard for employees is with limited access level consisting of order managements and customer reports.

Restaurant Management software by Quail Technology can improve your business by adding value in your service. Integration of technology in management would improvise your business and facilitate its swift running. It helps in maintaining accounts and finance effectively. It will also reduce the cost of operation and management. In addition, the software would provide you an ease to maintain your restaurant and focus on other aspects to develop the business

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