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We have researched the multiple facets in managing large educational organizations and chains of institutes. With a view to optimize administrative management, student management and other aspects, we present a complete set of Educational Management EPR Solutions.

Education Management (institute , college , school)

Technology and software solutions in the education industry have gained a gradual prominence. Especially in higher education; management of exams, course curriculums, student enrollments, management of educators and teachers requires extensive time and resources. This Education Management software developed by Quail Technology makes it easy to manage from a single window, saving both time and resources. It helps in excellent management of documents and records. It is a powerful ERP application that can effectively minimize the tedious tasks of large scale management. Our solution focuses on developing the process of education by providing an excellent platform to integrate it with management and business. It automates the management process of especially, distance education systems.

This application is developed for managing institutes and education centers across multiple centers. It is cross browser compatible and can be accessed via any device with minimum specifications. This can be also accessed via I-pads and mobile devices. It has separate login facilities for different institutes and centers. In addition, students can login to this online portal and edit their personal dashboards. It can maintain record of a student right from the first inquiry to dispatch of certificates. In addition, MIS can be generated to monitor various aspects of the operations.

Education Management Software by Quail Technology features:

  • Separate logins for Centers & Students.
  • Clear and easy to use User Interface.
  • Manageable across multiple platform.
  • Features MIS generation.
  • Extensive Modules for each operational aspect.
  • Integrated platform for finance management, administrative management and education management.
  • Does not require installation. It is server based and can be accessed via any internet browser.

Separate operational Modules for management of each aspect are included in this software. These are developed for extensive data management and record.

  1. Center Management Module: This consists of many sub utilities and sub modules related to separate center management. This is with complete set of features such as financial management, course and exam management as well as administrative management related to each centers. New centers can be created in this module.
  2. Enquiry Module: In this module new student enquiry can be created with details of the student. They can be managed and reported in this section.
  3. Admission Module: In the admission module, admission details of students of each centers and sub centers can be managed. New registration of students is done in this module. Admission forms are available in this section
  4. Fees Management: This module handles the fees and payments of students. Payment status of students can be monitored and managed from here.
  5. Accounts Management: This module is for fee and payment accounts of students. Vendor accounts details are also managed in this module.
  6. Grievance Management: Here tickets can be generated for any administrative issues by the centers and universities within the system. They can be managed from this section.
  7. Staff Management: This module is for managing the staff. New staff member can be created in this section. Information about employees and staff of each university and centers is recorded in here. Attendance and Salary details are included in this module.
  8. Report Module: Reports and information about any student can be accessed in this module.
  9. Vendor Management Module: Payment to vendors can be reported and managed in this module.
  10. Courier Management Module: This module has extensive features and a number of sub modules related to courier and delivery management. Courier reports even for students can be recorded here.
  11. Inventory Management: In this module records about any purchase and inventories are created. New inventories with complete details of vendors and prices are recorded in here.
  12. Notice Management: Notice can be uploaded and created in this module. There are provisions for both centers and students in this section.
  13. Profile Management: It is the profile section for the university. Here, name and address of the university can be updated; logos and other attributes can be changed from this section.
  14. Utility Module: In this section, several utilities such as Fee calculator, Payment tracker, Daily MIS Report, Admit cards and so on can be accessed.

Our Education Software solutions are excellent for any Institutes, Universities and Schools. We offer separate Software modules as University Management Systems, School Management System and Institute Management System for universities, Schools and Institutes respectively

offer extensive technical support with our products for quality operations.

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