Integrated Hotel Management

While managing Hotels; visitor’s demands, room service, managing staff and employees are to be handled competently. These are determinant of the quality of service and hence the profit. Our ERP solution for Hotel Management lets to offer upgraded service to every visitor.

Hotel Management Software

Quail Technology has been offering excellent software solution for Hotel Management. This software reduces the cost of management and helps hotels to provide excellent customer service. The package is being developed after extensive market research and analysis in hotel management sector. It is developed to address the common problems and complications faced by hotel administrators as well as customers in hotel booking and services. The software lets administrators to manage customer bookings and the ranges of services demanded by customers.

Our Hotel Management Software Features:

  • Reservations of Rooms
  • Status of Room Availability
  • Customer Details of Check-ins and Check outs.
  • Bill generation for both rooms and restaurant service.
  • Reservation of Restaurant tables.
  • Order access to restaurant menu.
  • Individual Customer report
  • Separate login for admin, staff and agents.

The operation modules in this application can be broadly classified as follows:

  1. User Module: Login facilities are integrated in this application separately for Admin, Staff and Agents. New roles can be added in this module with customized access levels and rights.
  2. Admission Module: In the admission module, admission details of students of each centers and sub centers can be managed. New registration of students is done in this module. Admission forms are available in this section
  3. Room Module: Reservation of rooms can be done in this section. Available rooms can be viewed and booked from here. Bills can be generated in this module for reservation and payments. Allocations of rooms can be changed as well as reservations can be cancelled in this section.
  4. Restaurant Module: This module has provisions for selection of menu items in the restaurant. Tables as well as waiters can be allotted in this module. Bill for created orders can be generated in this section.

This system is easy to use and maintain. It is complete system for managing hotel rooms, visiting customers, restaurant orders and payments. Restaurant orders for individual customers can be processed in the system.

Quail Technology offers 24/7 support for clients. We provide both online support services and support via live phones. This software is to grow your business and excel it with extensive customer service. It reduces cost of management and helps to optimize your service.

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