Human Resource Management Software

Human Resource Management Software

Managing Human Resources in any organization requires extensive management, storage of information and data as well as easy accessibility to them. It requires reporting of information and comprehensive management of finance and accounts. Human resource management is a composition of administrative aspects and accounts since, employee payrolls, salary accounts, attendance and so on are to be handled all under the same head. With these in view, Quail Technology has come out with the new Human Resource Management Software that would help in error free management of employees. This ERP application has comprehensive features for managing employee records, Attendance Records, Leave Management, Salary & Payroll management and managing office expense.

Human Resource Management Software by Quail Technology features:

  • Easy to use design and User friendly Interface
  • Info graphics for departments and employee categories
  • Machine independent since it is a web based application
  • Separate modules for each section of management
  • Separate Logins for Employees and Staff with limited dashboard facilities
  • Huge data storage
  • Easy reporting of information
  • Can generate Salary based on attendance Report
  • Features leave management of employees, approval of leaves and so on.

Under this ERP application the following modules can be accessed with comprehensive functionalities.

  1. PIM for Staff: : In this module individual staff information can be added. Employee data can be managed in this section. In this section, missing documents, Joining reports, Resignation reports and so on can be managed individually.
  2. Attendance Panel: This consist of Attendance master that records attendance of every employee under department and category heads. Here, attendance report can be both uploaded and downloaded in excel format. Attendance report of individual employees can be tracked by entering unique employee codes.
  3. Leave Management: In this module, leaves of individual employees can be managed. Assigning of comp offs and leaves to individual employees are done in this module. Applied leaves on the system by employees from their own dashboards can be approved from this panel. Complete report of leaves can be generated for each employee within defined time durations.
  4. Payroll Management: Using this module, salary of any employee can be generated. Salary can be adjusted for each employee in this panel. Various heads such as TDS, PF, Overtime Payments, Deductions and Leaves can be managed and added in the total salary document generation in this module. Total salary report as well as reports of resigned employees can be also generated in this section.
  5. Office Expenses: This is a powerful and a very useful module for administrative and financial management. It consists of a cash book that records any office expenses and purchases. New items could be added in the system as well as records of issued items to employees can be added in this module. Excel file can be generated and reports can be printed directly in this section.

This ERP application system is easy to maintain. Anybody can use it without any specialized training. This application handles every facet of human resource as well as assets related to them with extensive reporting and documentation.

Quail Technology offers 24/7 support to clients with any product. Our support consists of both online and on call supports. HR management ERP application is developed to help corporations and organizations to manage their employees, resources and accounts related to them comprehensively.

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